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5 Best Free WordPress Project Management Plugins

Project management is essential for any business. It enables your team to execute work quickly and on time. There are numerous good applications available today, such as Trello or Asana, to assist you in completing your tasks. However, if you’re working with WordPress, having numerous dashboards isn’t optimal. WordPress project management plugins come in handy in this situation.

User permissions should be included in a good project management solution so that your team members can access the tasks they need. With threaded comments and email notifications to let you know when the status of your project changes, it should make communication a breeze.

Finally, being able to follow progress with visual charts or providing your clients with a front-end perspective of the project might be beneficial.

We’ll look at five of the best WordPress project management plugins in this article. The best part is that they’re completely free. Let’s get started!

Best WordPress project management plugins

Now that we’ve talked about why you should consider a WordPress project management plugin, let’s reveal the five plugins we’re showcasing today.

  • Upstream
  • Zephyr Project Manager
  • Kanban for WordPress
  • WP Project Manager
  • Panorama

1. UpStream

WordPress Project Management Plugins

Upstream is our first suggestion. You may manage any type of project directly from your dashboard with this plugin. You may also keep track of everything that happens on your website, including issues and tasks provided to your team members.

UpStream includes a front-end view that allows your clients to see the development of each project. In a separate discussion thread, you can mark key achievements and address relevant topics. Furthermore, the program keeps track of task completion for you, allowing you to plan and manage your project with ease.

On top of that, you may tweak practically every aspect of your project using this plugin. You can alter templates, add custom fields and statuses, change the colors, and add CSS, for example. If you like, you can even rename labels.


  • Bug and issue tracker
  • File uploading
  • Milestone and task linking
  • Custom client logo
  • Separate customer login page
  • Project manager and user roles
  • Custom permissions
  • Translation ready
  • Access to premium extensions (Calendar View, Email Notifications, and more)

Pricing: Free.

Alternatively, you can upgrade for $39 for one website if you’d like to access some of the premium extensions.

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2. Zephyr Project Manager

WordPress Project Management Plugins

Zephyr Project Manager is the next plugin on the list, and it’s a modern and user-friendly WordPress project management plugin. This feature-rich program has a lovely layout that makes it simple to keep track of all of your activities and projects.

You can create an unlimited number of projects with the plugin and track their progress using one of the numerous built-in capabilities. For example, a dedicated file manager website allows you to access your files. You may also create charts to graphically track your tasks or examine them in a calendar.

You can use Zephyr Project Manager to better manage your workload by prioritizing certain items, receiving email notifications, and converting projects into tasks. You may also utilize the discussion panel to communicate with your team and share files and messages.


  • Customizable profile
  • Ability to assign tasks
  • Automatic and printable progress charts
  • Unlimited categories
  • Full localization
  • Task export and import to and from CSV and JSON
  • Android app to track projects on the go
  • Personal dashboards for each user

Pricing: Free.

You can also purchase the Pro license for $49 to use it on unlimited websites. This gives you access to more advanced features, such as the ability to customize the front end.

3. Kanban for WordPress

WordPress Project Management Plugins

Kanban for WordPress may be the appropriate answer for you if you like tools like Trello. This plugin can assist you in creating a solid project management system that you can use from your WordPress dashboard. It works similarly to Trello in that it allows you to build tasks and to-do lists that you can move between boards.

For agile project managers, Kanban for WordPress is an ideal solution. The plugin adjusts to a wide range of settings and makes online collaboration simple. You may also completely customize the board to meet the demands of your team and build custom swim lanes.

Additionally, the Kanban for WordPress plugin aids in the creation of a light customer relationship management (CRM) system. It may be used to assess client interactions and contact leads. You can also construct an editorial calendar and allocate articles to authors if you manage a busy site. As the owner of an eCommerce site, you can keep track of sales and ensure that your sales funnel runs properly.


  • Task comments
  • User and access management
  • Files upload
  • Customizable fields
  • Color coding
  • Email notifications
  • Multiple boards
  • Time estimates for tasks

Pricing: Free.

Or, purchase Kanban Pro, which is suitable for larger businesses. An annual subscription costs $149 per year.

4. WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is the next item on our list. This plugin, as the name implies, allows you to manage WordPress projects and tasks without leaving your dashboard.

Advanced capabilities are included in the tool, which will satisfy even the most discerning power users. You can, for example, make an endless number of to-do lists, assign tasks, set due dates, and attach files to messages.

It also has a visible status indicator that allows you to track progress on each to-do list, making it easier to manage even the most complex tasks. You can also keep track of milestones and sort them into three categories:

  • Upcoming
  • Completed
  • Late

Although WP Project Manager is designed for expert users, its easy interface makes it simple to use. Each user has their own customized dashboard, which makes it simple to interact and stay on top of projects. You can design a front-end board, invoice your clients, make Gantt charts, use Kanban boards, and more with the premium version.


  • Time tracking
  • Advanced performance reports
  • Discussion threads
  • File sharing
  • Email and push notifications
  • Permission controls

Pricing: Free.

Alternatively, you can purchase the premium version from $55 per year, which includes advanced features (such as front-end and deadline management).

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5. Panorama

WordPress Project Management Plugins

Panorama, a powerful WordPress project management plugin, is our final recommendation. If you need a customisable tool to help you design stunning dashboards with your own branding, this is a great option.

Panorama assists you in streamlining and visualizing your work. For example, all members and clients have access to their personal dashboards, which display a visual depiction of the status of each job.

The plugin will also calculate the amount of time it will take to accomplish each job and indicate the appropriate deadlines. You can reduce email queries and increase team efficiency this way.

Panorama also allows you to design eye-catching progress bars for your clients, which you can use to highlight important milestones and successes. To ensure that everyone understands what has to be done, you can carefully outline each task and provide additional details.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited project phases, tasks, and users
  • Simple communication
  • User permissions
  • File uploads
  • Document status tracking
  • Project templates

Pricing: Free.

However, you can upgrade from $69 for use on one site to access various add-ons and email support.

Improve your WordPress project management today

The correct project management tool can assist you in completing tasks and efficiently managing your team’s workload.

Navigating between various platforms, on the other hand, might rapidly become overwhelming. Thankfully, a WordPress project management plugin can help you keep organized without ever leaving your dashboard.

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