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Best WordPress Security Plugins and Services – Free and Premium (2021)

Best WordPress Security Plugins and Services 2021

Are you one of the many webmasters taking the approach to WordPress security? If so, you’re playing with fire, because the truth is one security breach is not enough to turn your entire online business into dust!

When it comes to running an online business, website security is clearly (and sadly) one of the most insignificant areas – and most people just don’t see the negative impact on the business as security breaches.

Temporary losses of traffic and sales are easy to estimate, however, but how do you estimate the potential costs of a permanently damaged reputation and / or rank of search engines? In fact, many businesses have been permanently damaged after high security breaches – and I’m sure these businesses won’t be the last, either.

In this post, I hope to strengthen the security of your website by introducing some Best WordPress Security Plugins services.

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Quick WordPress Security Tips

First things first: When it comes to website security, effective methods are always better, always better than effective ones. Preventing a problem before it happens will save you time, stress, and money, and it’s much better than fixing a broken fall after the end of it!


Make sure you follow all the basic security practices, such as keeping everything up to date (plugins, themes, and context) and making regular backups of your site (as long as something goes wrong and you need to revert to the previous version if anything bad happens).

But how do you make a WordPress website more secure? As always, in the WordPress world, it starts with choosing a reputable host. And it has never been more true that the old saying is true – you get what you pay for.

If you are just looking to buy space on the server, of course, you might get a shared hosting service for under $ 10 per month. However, if you wake up on a hacked website, don’t expect these strangers to raise a finger to help – their staff may not have the time or knowledge.


All you really need is a WordPress hosted hosting service. Yes, these services are less expensive, but they take care of most of the WordPress security functions automatically.

For example, almost all hosted hosting will automatically update the WordPress core, and some may even press updates to your themes and plugins (most importantly) where you need to make sure your website is as up-to-date as possible at all times.

Why is this important? Because there are millions of WordPress users, most of them use the same plugins. Hackers only need to detect the risk in one of the most popular plugins, in which case they can exploit millions of sites.

Most plugin updates turn off known risks. That’s why outdated plugins are bad news, and why hosted hosting services ensure that everything is updated regularly.

Hosted hosting services also typically support WordPress firewall provided with malware scanning, and will have their own systems in place to manage and prevent known and potential threats (consider powerful attacks and the like). Perhaps most importantly, they will have the most experienced staff to help (click here to learn more about some of the major differences between shared and shared hosting services).


In addition to managed hosting, there are a few other simple things you can do that don’t take your effort, such as making sure your login information is secure, never use anything as simple as your ‘admin’ username, and using strong passwords.

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The best WordPress plugins and services

Depending on the size and value of your website (and how much peace of mind you have followed), it is best to pay close attention to site security with great care. Below, we have listed eleven different WordPress plugins and services (both free and advanced; some simple and some complex) that we can strongly advise you to learn about and consider. Depending on what you already offer your webmaster, more will not be needed, of course – cunningly know what is available and decide what you need for your business before it’s too late!

Let’s get started.

1. iThemes Security Pro (from $80)

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Since iThemes is one of the biggest names in WordPress security (and it has been for some time now), it’s no surprise that its overall security plugin, Themes Security Pro, is one of the market leaders.

This plugin deals with all major website vulnerabilities, starting with a powerful attack. To keep bad people out, iThemes Security Pro deploys a WordPress default login page, enforces strong passwords, and blocks users after multiple login attempts.

If that isn’t enough for security login, iThemes Security Pro also supports dual authentication – this sends the passcode to the user’s mobile device, which is required next to the standard password.

If you know that you are the only person accessing your administrator, the plugin also offers exit from the WordPress dashboard office. This locks the dashboard properly when you know you will not be using it – as when you are asleep.

Its most important function is the detection of file changes. When a hacker hits your website, chances are the first thing they will do is edit one of the key files. The plugin will monitor this type of activity, sending you an email notification whenever something suspicious appears.

For only $ 80 a year, Themes Security Pro will handle all your web security needs. If you want to take it for a test drive, a free version of iThemes Security Lite is available, and it happens to be one of the most free security plugins, so you should take a look!

2. All in One WP Security and Firewall (FREE)

aio security

The name of this plugin tells you everything you need to know about what it does.

First and foremost, All in One WP Security and Firewall provides full WordPress protection with its powerful scope of operation. The plugin is hard on the protection of malicious forces, helping you to combat the usual way of website security breaches.

As the name implies, the plugin also adds a firewall to your website. This firewall has many pre-configured settings that can be activated at the click of a button, allowing you to select the level of protection you want.

Everything in One WP Security and Firewall also comes with htaccess and wp-config.php backup, anti-spam measures, and backup. It also protects the WordPress database, too, by swiping the ‘WP’ startup which is automatically detected. Also, to ensure that your basic files are protected, the plugin scans invariably in secret to make changes.

Best of all, though, All in One is one of the easiest security plugins. It gives your website security points, which are useful for monitoring improvements, and, before making changes to the plugin settings, will tell you how this will affect your overall security points – this is also a great way to learn more important site safety features.

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3. Jetpack (FREE and Premium from $99 a year)

jetpack Best WordPress Security Plugins

Jetpack is well known in the WordPress community. Part of the Automattic family (the people behind, Jetpack is best described as a combination of completely unrelated workloads. Perhaps surprisingly, the combination works, and the Jetpack plugin is very popular.

If you are looking for a free version of Jetpack to strengthen the security of your site, you will need to open the Protect module (you can read more about each of the Jetpack modules here), which protects you from aggressive attacks.

However, it is the paid Jetpack models that boast of all the critical security features. The paid Jetpack comes in two flavors:

For $ 99 a year, you can get a Jetpack Premium license, which provides daily malware scanning, scheduled off-site backups, and automatic website restoration.

The Jetpack Professional license takes the Premium license one step further, providing real-time backup and much-needed malware scanning. Available for $ 299 a year.

Both licenses also include the availability of a highly trained Automattic support team for all aspects of website security.

4. VaultPress (from $9 a month)

vaultpress security

Next we have VaultPress – another member of the Automattic family. VaultPress is secure, reliable, and very usable, making it a very dedicated website support service.

Now, no website is completely secure. No matter how much effort you put into protecting your website, violations are still possible, which is why it’s important to back up your website. Unfortunately, beginner webmasters are not good enough to follow this advice – do not fall into this trap yourself!

Website backup is actually a working copy of your site. If something goes wrong and your website crashes or hacks, you can simply activate your most recent ‘copy’ and restore it to working.

This is where VaultPress works.

VaultPress creates scheduled or real-time backups – depending on your membership level – which are stored off-site securely. These backups can be restored in seconds in the worst case scenario.

VaultPress also scans your website for viruses and malware, which can be removed with a click of a button.

5. Sucuri Security (FREE)

sucuri Best WordPress Security Plugins

Sucuri is a WordPress security expert, and, as a result, their free plugin is highly regarded and should be downloaded.

The Sucuri Security plugin automatically scans your website for malware and dodgy files. This latest feature is especially important. After installing Sucuri, the plugin checks your existing files – the ‘known good’ configuration – and, if the file comes out of this ‘good quality’, it could be the result of a security breach.

In the event of a potential security breach, you can use the Sucuri activity monitoring log to investigate the possibility, and, if your website is found to be corrupted, you can restore the file to a known good. These logs are kept safe and sound on the Sucuri Cloud so the thief cannot remove them.

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Final Thoughts

Website security is a complex topic, made more difficult by the fact that the landscape is constantly changing.

Although it’s good to understand what’s going on, my advice is to always secure your site first, and ask any necessary questions later!

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