Best WordPress Resource Websites to Follow in 2021

WordPress is simple to use at first, but that simplicity can be deceiving. You might not realize how complex and adaptable the platform is at first, or how large its community is. There’s so much to learn about WordPress, but where do you begin?

It’s not difficult to obtain WordPress resources on the internet. There are tutorials, wikis, dedicated courses, and a plethora of blogs (including this one). Much of this content is as open-source as the platform itself, and it caters to everyone from novices to programmers.

In this article, we’ll highlight five Best WordPress Resource Websites for learning about WordPress. Let’s get started!

1. The WordPress Codex

Best WordPress Resource Websites

What it is: We’d be remiss if we didn’t start with the WordPress Codex, which is one of the Best WordPress Resource Websites out there. This is a wiki-style knowledge base on WordPress.org that is updated and maintained by the community.

What you can learn there: The Codex can assist you out whether you’re looking for basic information about the platform or instructions on how to conduct certain activities (at the code level). It covers everything from the basics of what plugins and themes are and how to use them to more complex subjects like child themes and APIs.

Why you should look it up: As an official reference, the Codex is extremely accurate and up to date. Its presentation of facts can be a tad dry at times. It is, nevertheless, a fantastic place to start if you have a query regarding the platform or require assistance.

How to get started: If you’re new to WordPress, the Codex has a fantastic how-to tutorial. The large range of lessons and tutorials accessible may appeal to more advanced users.

2. WordPress.tv

Best WordPress Resource Websites

What it is: Check out WordPress.tv if you’re searching for an official educational resource that’s a little more engaging than the Codex. This website contains videos of speeches and lectures given at numerous WordCamps and other similar events.

What you can learn there: This site provides moderate to advanced users with advice and information. Learn about WordPress design, development, and optimization, as well as the latest trends and technology.

Why should you look into it? WordPress.tv provides more than just how-to videos; it also provides real-world knowledge and education. It’s not the best place to start if you’re a complete beginner. It is, however, useful for everyone who wants to improve their website, learn about current events, and participate in development.

What to do first: WordPress gives a State of the Word address every year, which is well worth seeing.

3. Skillshare

Best WordPress Resource Websites

What it entails: Skillshare is a website that hosts online courses and is the only resource on our list that isn’t WordPress-specific. For a nominal cost, you may gain access to tens of thousands of video-based classes on a variety of topics, including about 600 on WordPress.

What you can learn: Skillshare’s WordPress courses are geared toward novice to intermediate users. For example, you can study the fundamentals of WordPress or get started with development. There are also tutorials on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), developing an e-commerce website, and other topics.

Why should you look into it? A wide choice of courses are available, covering almost any area you might be interested in. Many of them last many hours and include extra materials as well as sample projects that you may undertake on your own.

What to do first: Try out the course on designing a WordPress theme to take your WordPress knowledge to the next level. Alternatively, take a look at the class on monetizing your blog.

4. WPSessions

What it is: WPSessions is a platform that provides both’sessions’ (recorded talks by WordPress professionals) and full courses on a few major topics. While some of the content is free, you’ll have to pay to access all.

What you can learn: The majority of the sessions and courses on this site are geared toward more advanced development topics like the WP-CLI, coding, and databases. However, you can also get more fundamental information on how to create specific types of websites.

Why should you look into it? WPSessions’ resources will provide you a solid foundation in higher-level WordPress topics. If you’re prepared to put in the time and money, you can learn how to design your own themes and plugins, or just thoroughly optimize your website.

How to get started: There’s a free session on content production you might want to try if you’re searching for some practical suggestions you can use right away.

5. WPCircuit Blog

Best WordPress Resource Websites

What it is: While we don’t want to brag, we think our own blog is a great place to learn about WordPress. We post regularly on a wide variety of WordPress-related topics, as well as provide a range of handy tutorials.

What you can learn there: Our blog is welcoming to WordPress users at all levels – from total beginners to experienced veterans. We demonstrate how to optimize your website in various ways, show you how to use plugins and other tools to add specific features, and offer general advice for running a successful site.

Why you should check it out: We post new content regularly and have a comprehensive archive of older posts. So no matter what you want to do or learn about, it’s likely we have a tutorial or opinion piece on the topic. Plus, all of these resources are completely free!

How to get started: Just go to our Blog page, and read as many posts as possible and use the tricks on your own WordPress Website

Use these Best WordPress Resource Websites

Don’t be put off by the fact that WordPress is a complicated platform. Instead, you might see the situation as a chance. There’s always more to learn, no matter how much (or how little) experience you have. Furthermore, you can use your newly gained WordPress knowledge to improve your site right away.

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