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Best WordPress Plugins for Designers in 2021

WordPress Plugins for Designers in 2021

Here are the top 10 best WordPress plugins for designers who has a website built with WordPress

Over the past decade, many designers have gone online to create portfolios to brand their work and attract new clients. Websites are a great way to find them, and WordPress is one of the most popular options for building an online portfolio.

To maintain such portfolios and capture customer leads, designers use specific WordPress plugins. These tools integrate with your WordPress theme and perform unique functions for your website.

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1. Yoast SEO – Best SEO Plugin For Designers

best wordpress plugins for designers

Yoast SEO, created by Joost de Valk, is one of the best plugins for writing content and sticking to all the SEO stuff on the page. Yoast SEO is pushing you to add keywords, which is an important feature that Google and other search engines are considering when ranking articles.

This guy reminds you of a few things you can forget when using an article. You can also control which pages search engines will crawl. With over 5 million installations, Yoast stands out as one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

Other plugin features include WordPress compatibility with multiple sites, import and export options, social media integration, and RSS feeds.

2. W3 Total Cache – Boost Speed of your WordPress Site

best cache plugin for designers

W3 Total Cache helps with efficient use of cache storage technology. Companies like AT&T, Mashable, and John Chow are among the more than a million users who trust this plugin.

This plugin does an excellent job of improving search engine results and is easy to use, too. It also reduces page load speed and visitor time on your site.

The W3 Total Cache plugin is compatible with servers and collections that are visible, private, or dedicated. Also, it has clear network control for content delivery. In addition, it supports AMP and SSL, and includes many security features.

3. Modula Image Gallery – Create Beautiful Image Gallery

beautiful gallery widget wordpress

Next up is the Modula Image Gallery plugin. While WordPress allows designers to capture graphic designs, many designers find the volume limited.

Install: Module Image Gallery. This plugin provides a flexible and completely customized solution. With this plugin, designers can choose any visual style they want instead of the limited WordPress style set.

4. Monarch – Best Social Sharing Plugin for Designers

best social sharing plugin for designers

Social sharing is an essential element that you should incorporate into any new website you are designing. As one of the most popular WordPress social media plugins, Monarch helps you increase traffic from social networking sites.

Monarch offers you a variety of placement options so you can maximize conversions and the number of times visitors visit your content. You also have the following options regarding button placement:

  • Floating side bar
  • Above and below content
  • In photos and videos
  • Default pop-up
  • Automatic login

When it comes to creating social sharing buttons, Monarch offers all the modern options to choose from. You get complete control over the plugin and a powerful control panel to make customization much easier.

5. WPforms – Create Forms Without Coding

best wordpress plugins for designers

WPforms is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins that creates an unusual form with just a few clicks. The drag-and-drop form builder helps even a beginner developer create a responsive website without the coding knowledge as you can use intelligent conditional control to control the purpose of the form.

There are instant notifications whenever someone submits a form, multiple form templates, spam protection protection, and you can also collect payments.

6. Elementor Page Builder – Best Page Builder For Designers

We all know that page builder makes life a lot easier for web designers. Even if you are a new WordPress user, a page builder can help you build a complete, unique custom for your site without writing a single line of code.

Elementor is a plugin that helps you create amazing pages for your site with a drag and drop link without a code. This plugin has a free and pro version with many beautiful modules and design options.

You can define sections by length and width, resize columns, resize content according to your requirement, and define the gap between each category to make your content look neat. This is one of the best WordPress plugins for designers!

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7. Envira Gallery – Best WordPress Plugins for Designers

Envira Gallery is one of the most responsive WordPress plugins to create a personalized gallery of photos and videos. Some of the things that make it powerful and easy to use are:

  • Drag and drop gallery gallery
  • Responsive and usable
  • Gallery templates
  • Albums and Tags
  • Communication integration
  • ECommerce store with WooCommerce plugin
  • Watermark Protection
  • Deep connection and deception

Most importantly, apart from its many features, the plugin does not slow down your website.

8. Thirsty Affiliates – Manage Affiliate Links

best wordpress plugins for designers

Are you a designer who does side-by-side marketing? Or, do you have a lot of long link URLs that visitors are reluctant to click?

No worries, you can hide your corresponding links with Thirsty Affiliates

But that is not all. You can also track how many buttons the link receives, auto-key keywords, and import links with this plugin.

9. TablePress – Create Tables in Your WordPress Site

create cool looking tables with wordpress

The TablePress plugin allows you to embed beautiful tables and contain features for your posts and pages without coding. You can easily edit any table you create as you would with an Excel spreadsheet.

Other features of TablePress ’include:

  • JavaScript library adds
  • Filter options
  • Skin implant
  • Sorting
  • Tables can be imported or exported from or to Excel, CSV, HTML

Businesses often use TablePress to present a customized list of recommended posts. This makes the visitor site experience highly customizable, increasing the chances of conversion.

10. Disqus – Get Comments From Users, Beautifully

best comment plugin for wordpress

The Disqus comment system does an excellent job restoring your traditional WordPress comment system with comments captured and enabled by Disqus. Friendly SEO and automatically syncs visitor ideas with WordPress’ CMS.

Its features include:

  • Ability to receive comment notifications
  • Threaded answers
  • RSS subscription options
  • What the community says
  • Visual interface for multi-user controller
  • Powerful spam filter options
  • Ability to make black and white lists
  • Support from Disqus community users and more

More than 100,000 bloggers prefer to use this comment model rather than the traditional WordPress model.

Designing the Perfect WordPress Site

To create an effective website, you’ll need the right tools. Sure, your site’s look and feel are important, but functionality is imperative, too. Download one or a few of these plugins so you can create a well-rounded website and continue to grow your customer base.

We hope you downloaded at least one plugin from this best WordPress plugins for designers list

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