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5 Best Free WordPress Products (Themes & Plugins)

Who doesn’t want more Best Free WordPress Products?

Nothing compares to WordPress’ high-quality-to-low-cost product ratio. WordPress has a free product to aid you with anything you’re trying to build or what you’d like to try.

In reality, most regular WordPress users will have a list of must-have goods for their projects. Today, I’m going to show you a few hidden-gem products that should be on your shopping list. There are a few adaptive themes and a number of plugins oriented at performance, marketing, and content among these hidden treasures.

So, what exactly are we waiting for? Let’s get this party started!

5 of the Best Free WordPress Products

Here are the 5 Best Free WordPress Products we’ll be highlighting in this post. There are free versions of all of these tools, and many of them also have paid versions with greater functionality.

Furthermore, some of these goods are themes, while others are plugins or standalone web tools that work with WordPress. At the top of each product page, we’ll give a concise summary of what it is and what it does. After that, we’ll delve deeper into the tool.


Create chatting about the best free theme if you want to start a riot at a WordCamp. Free WordPress themes are the most popular of all the free WordPress goods. It’s Neve for me. You’re going to accuse me of bias now. And it’s possible that I am because I work for the corporation that made it. But allow me to make a case for it.

It is, in my opinion, the best-equipped free theme available. That is to say, you can accomplish a lot with Neve without having to grab for your wallet or a slew of plugins. For example, Neve free includes three archive page layout options, as well as unlimited scroll and excerpt controls.

But let’s take it a step farther. Let’s have a look at how simple it is to operate. Toggles and sliders, for example, can completely transform the appearance of your button. There is no need for a code.

However, “no coding” is only one aspect of the situation. A free WordPress theme needs two things to be beginner-friendly in the age of page builders and block editors: a robust starter site library and access to a good portfolio of blocks.

There are a total of 30 beginning sites available on Neve free. Even better, Neve is integrated with the entire page builder family; we even designed some Thrive Architect starting sites.

Other notable features:

  • Built for performance with a lightweight codebase.
  • Header and footer builder.
  • Global colors.
  • Advanced typography options for all text elements.


If you want to upgrade beyond the free Neve theme, annual plans start at $59 for unlimited sites and go up to $159 for all booster packs and white label functionality.

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Otter – Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library

Best Free WordPress Products

We use the Otter plugin to manage the extra effort when it comes to blocks, on the other hand. Otter adds over 20 new blocks to your WordPress site, including the following:

  • Section block,
  • Button Group block,
  • Service block,
  • Post Grid block,
  • and many more.

The settings of each block are controlled by the block’s function. You’ll be able to do more than just modify the colors and alignments. I’m referring to advanced choices that allow you to create more complex layouts. Line height, spacing, padding, zoom, or any combination of pre-defined styles could be used.

The Maps block, for example, employs pre-defined styles to stand out. You can construct maps that match your design using six distinct map styles and four different map kinds.

Other notable features:

  • 20 blocks extra blocks for any WordPress theme.
  • Additional CSS can be added to any block.
  • Animation at the click of a button.

Pricing: Free


Foodica is about more than just food. It’s adaptable enough to work for lifestyle bloggers, fitness websites, magazine websites, and more, in my opinion. Foodica’s clean, basic design will win any site that relies on images and content.

Now that I’m having trouble matching typefaces, the elegant fonts that come with Foodica are a godsend. In fact, I’d consider Foodica to be one of the most powerful out-of-the-box themes for novices. It’s not simply the style and layout, but also the Jetpack and WooCommerce connections.

Finally, Foodica includes a recipe index template to help you display your most popular recipes with eye-catching graphics.

Other notable features:

  • Built-in slider.
  • Recipe index.
  • Easy keyword function for recipes.
  • One-click demo content importer.


If you want to go beyond the free theme, you can get Foodica Pro for $79/year or you can pay $170 for a lifetime of updates and support.

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Recipe Card Blocks

Best Free WordPress Products

Recipe Card Blocks is another one of Foodica’s suggested plugins. It has seven different blocks for providing recipe information such as ingredients, directions, and details.

Other notable features:

  • Seven extra blocks.
  • Multiple recipe card templates.
  • Easy keyword function for recipes.

Pricing: Free

Rosa 2 Lite

Best Free WordPress Products

Rosa 2 Lite is a fantastic theme for anyone seeking for a simple way to construct a beautiful restaurant website. For starters, the demo includes crucial pages for reservations and bookings. To make it function, all you have to do is input your contact information.

If you get stuck, a button in the bottom right corner of the screen will take you to the documentation.

To get the most out of Rosa 2 Lite, you’ll need to install the suggested plugins, just like the other themes on this list. Customize and Nova Blocks enable the theme’s eye-catching components in this situation.

You do, however, get five useful blocks as part of the package:

Nova Blocks improves your homepage right away once it’s turned on. Suddenly, you have design features such as overlapping blocks, separators with icons, and some dreamy scrolling effects, all of which help to make your page look more professional.

Particularly impressive is the menu block. Not only do you receive two styles, but you can also create a menu in minutes with simple settings for highlights and discounts.

Other notable features:

  • Global colors and fonts with Style Manager.
  • WooCommerce integration for online food ordering.


If you want to go beyond the free theme, you’ll pay $70/year or $85/lifetime.

Paid Member Subscriptions by Cozmoslabs

Best Free WordPress Products

WordPress can be a challenge to use at times, therefore I like to use free WordPress tools to make things easier. Paid Member Subscriptions come into play here. Paid Member Subscriptions makes it simple to achieve something difficult: construct a membership website, thanks to a user-friendly setup process.

Indeed, you have the ability to automatically construct your membership pages such as login, registrations, and more from the minute you install the plugin. You can also begin building your subscriptions and adding payment options.

Paid Member Subscriptions offers all of the options you’ll need once everything is set up. Everything from sign-up costs to free trials, for example, may be easily set up right from the dashboard.

With the help of the checkboxes at the bottom of the editor, you can also restrict material as you publish it. In fact, you’ll be able to modify messages and route customers to different pages.

To summarize, Paid Member Subscriptions is similar to every other Cozmoslabs offering in that it comes with a very generous free plan. In general, setting up a fully functional membership site and collecting money is rather simple.

Other notable features:

  • WooCommerce integration that helps you provide member’s only discounts and exclusive sales.
  • GDPR options.
  • Automatically log users in.
  • Prevent account sharing.


For more advanced features like automatic recurring payments, you can get the Hobbyist plan for $69 for use on one site with eight add-ons. On the other hand, the Pro plan costs $149 with 16 add-ons, including automatic tax calculation and multiple user subscriptions.

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These are our picks for the best free WordPress products

That concludes my list of non-obvious free WordPress products. While some of them may appear to be niche, they’re nonetheless worth keeping in mind for future endeavors.

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