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Top 5 Best Donation Plugins for WordPress (2021)

Donations are still the most important source of income for charities and non-profits. They’re also popular among developers searching for cash for their projects, political parties, groups in need of funding, and anyone looking to generate money for a good purpose.

As you may think, the internet is the most effective way to gather money, and I feel WordPress is the ideal platform for adding a donations page or developing a specialized fundraising website because of its flexibility.

Contribution For WooCommerce, Woo Donations, Potent Donations for WooCommerce, and YITH Donations for WooCommerce are some of the Best Donation Plugins that might help you add donation support to your WordPress website if you’re using WooCommerce.

A standalone Best Donation Plugins, in my opinion, is a preferable alternative for most WordPress users. These plugins assist you in accepting donations, creating recurring donations, managing donors, publishing reports, and more.

I’d like to share with you what I think to be the Best Donation Plugins for WordPress in this article. All of these plugins are available for free download from the WordPress plugin directory, while some solutions require an upgrade to access extra features and settings.

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1. GiveWP

Best Donation Plugins

GiveWP is one of the most popular Best Donation Plugins on the market, with over 100,000 active installations. GiveWP’s core edition allows you to construct complex donation forms and manage all of your donations. It also has a complete reports page with information on donation revenue, refunds, total donors, average donation amount, number of donors, and other information.

You can select a simple donation form or a sophisticated multi-step form when creating a new form. Long descriptions, donation levels, donation targets, and email notifications can all be customized for each form you design. GiveWP’s free edition allows you to collect offline donations as well as payments via PayPal or Stripe.

The number of functions in the main edition of GiveWP is amazing, but plugin add-ons can substantially enhance its capability. All add-ons are divided into three categories: free, basic, and premium. A total of eight plugin add-ons are available for free download. For Elementor and Divi, they offer features like Facebook pixel tracking, social media sharing buttons, form countdowns, and widget integration.

Previously, you could buy the 34 premium add-ons for GiveWP separately, but now you must purchase the right GiveWP plan to get access to them.

The $149 Basic plan includes support and updates for one website as well as access to all 25 Basic plugin add-ons. The basic package grants access to 18 different payment gateways. It also adds Google Analytics support, email reports, and PDF receipts, as well as support for five email marketing services.

The Plus plan is $216 per year and includes support and updates for one website, but the Pro plan costs $299 per year and includes support and updates for up to five websites. These plans include nine Premium plugin add-ons with advanced capabilities in addition to Basic plugin add-ons. Recurring donations, form field manager, gift assistance, currency switcher, donation upselling, and more premium add-ons are available.

It’s no surprise that GiveWP has such a large following. The plugin’s free edition allows you to quickly design professional contribution forms and generate thorough reports on all donations.

Many fundraisers will be satisfied with PayPal and Stripe support, but for $149 per year, you can add more payment gateways, support for email marketing providers, and a slew of other professional capabilities.

2. Charitable

Best Donation Plugins

Charitable is a donation WordPress plugin that uses shortcodes to allow you to simply integrate donations into your website. Charitable’s core version is GDPR-compliant and works with the WordPress theme customizer to change form colors. It also accepts offline donations and PayPal payments.

When you establish a new campaign, you can give it a name, a description, and a start and end date. To make the donation process easier, suggested donations can be added to forms, although bespoke donations are also accepted. The plugin also includes email notifications, and you can control which data is gathered from donors and how long it is kept on a privacy settings page.

The developers built a free charity WordPress theme called Reach to assist individuals who are creating a specialized charity website. Charitable is supported natively by many charity WordPress themes on ThemeForest.

For Charitable, there are 20 premium plugin extensions available, with a few more available from third-parties. Chartible’s Premium Plans are the preferable alternative for most users because each extension costs between $29 and $129 for a single license.

The annual Plus plan is $129 and includes one year of support and updates. Six more payment gateways, six email marketing services, and several other paid plugin extensions are now supported. These extra plugins enable features like gift aid, anonymous donations, and Easy Digital Downloads support.

Charitable’s more advanced plugin extensions, such as Recurring Donations, Ambassadors (peer-to-peer fundraising), Stripe Connect, and Fee Relief, are only available with the $279 Pro plan. For individuals who want to use the plugin on many websites, agency and lifetime plans are also available.

Charitable’s free version is sufficient for a simple donation setup that takes PayPal payments, but it lacks the additional customizing features and reports seen in the free versions of GiveWP and WP Fundraising.

If you’re willing to update the plugin, the Charitable Plus plan, which costs $129 per year and gives you access to 20 valuable plugin extensions, is a good deal.

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3. Donorbox

Best Donation Plugins

Donorbox is a hosted donation solution that makes receiving one-time or recurring donations on your website much easier. You must first create a Donorbox account in order to use the service. After that, you may install the Donorbox WordPress plugin and use shortcodes to show contribution forms on your website.

Set a campaign goal, customize email confirmations, integrate social media networks, and add tracking for Google Analytics, Facebook Advertising, and other platforms for each campaign.

The donation form wizard is simple to use and allows you to preview your form while customizing it. You have control over the color scheme, donation intervals, and whether or not donors can post comments. You can specify donation amounts and choose whether to make one-time or recurring gifts. It’s also possible to specify a minimum donation amount.

Donations can be made as a memorial to a loved one. All they have to do is enter the details of their tribute during the donation process, and an email or postal notification will be delivered to them. You can also contact donors via email to let them know about significant occasions. For example, when they make their initial donation or when they donate for the first time.

Donorbox’s pricing structure is one of its most appealing features. It is completely free to utilize the service. You only need to pay a 1.5 percent charge on each donation, which you can ask donors to cover if you choose. If you are not a registered charity, Stripe or PayPal will still charge a tiny payment transaction fee, which is the situation for any website that accepts payments through these services.

The 1.5 percent Donorbox fee and Stripe or PayPal payment processing fees will be the only costs associated with the service for the vast majority of users, however Donorbox does offer advanced services that may be of interest to large charity organizations. These extra services are paid for on a monthly basis.

  • $40 Per Month – Allow employers to double the donation of employees
  • $17 Per Month – API and Zapier integration
  • $8 Per Month – MailChimp integration
  • $50 Per Month – SalesForce integration
  • $19 Per Month – Add support for text donations

As you can see, if you want to use Donorbox’s advanced features, the price quickly escalates. These additional costs will be easier to justify for certain organizations. Others may find it more cost effective to use a premium WordPress donation plugin.

Donorbox is a simple-to-use application that makes creating professional donation forms a breeze. Many capabilities that are generally only available through premium WordPress donation plugins are available through the service. Regardless, all you need to do is pay 1.5 percent of all donations collected. As a result, you must pay $15 to Donorbox for every $1,000 in donations you receive.

4. PayPal Donations

PayPal has a long history of supporting charities and fundraisers, covering all transaction fees for registered charities. While manually creating a PayPal payment button only takes a few seconds, using a PayPal donation WordPress plugin can make the process of customizing buttons and integrating them into your website much easier.

PayPal Donations is the solution I advocate. To make a donation button, simply input your PayPal email address or merchant account ID, as well as the currency you want to use. You can also direct donors to a thank-you page after they make a donation, set a default donation amount, and designate a donation purpose and reference.

A WordPress widget, shortcode, or PHP code can be used to show donation buttons on your website. To give you additional flexibility over buttons, you can use five shortcode parameters, four filters, and four hooks.

If you want to add a basic PayPal donation button to your WordPress site, PayPal Donations is a wonderful option.

5. WP Fundraising

WP Fundraising is a fully customizable charity and crowdfunding platform with hundreds of settings to choose from. No functionality are confined to premium plans or plugin extensions, and the plugin is completely free to use.

You can include a detailed description and campaign goals when you establish a new donation campaign. If you choose, you can choose fixed donation prices. You can set various donation levels or allow for custom donation amounts if you wish. There are numerous design options available, as well as the ability to add custom fields to forms.

You may produce income and donor reports for any donation form you build. This is a good approach to keep track of campaign success.

You can add terms and conditions to be shown above or below your forms in the plugin settings area. You can also set your currency, activate social media sharing buttons, and control what is displayed by default.

When you activate WP Fundraising, it will construct multiple pages for you, including the user dashboard, checkout, and success page. You can also use the given shortcodes on other pages if you prefer. The plugin also supports Elementor, a page builder, and provides developers with hundreds of methods, action hooks, and filters to help them get the most out of the plugin.

You can accept cash, PayPal, direct bank transfers, checks, and Stripe as payment methods. You can also utilize WooCommerce to handle all of your transactions. This enables you to support any major payment processor.

WP Fundraising comes with all of the tools you’ll need to integrate donations into your website. Professional donation forms, goal, pledge, and reward options, reports, and a beautiful user dashboard for donors are all included.

Given all of the plugin’s complex features, it’s incredible that it’s completely free to use.

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Final Thoughts

On my personal WordPress website, I installed and tested over 20 different Best Donation Plugins to see what each one had to offer. Each solution has advantages and disadvantages, therefore it’s crucial to test each plugin for yourself to see if it fulfills your needs.

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